Driving and Embedding Change and Culture to Improve Productivity

Charles Darwin said that “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. Can you see the strong parallels between his theory of natural selection and your business models?

The pace of change is accelerating and Australian businesses are having to transform their operating models to keep up with developments in digital and intelligent technology and profound shifts in consumer behaviour Change management is the most critical component in achieving successful organisational and cultural transformations.

With this in mind, the Culture and Change Management for Business Transformation Summit 2018 will bring together industry experts across from Australia to share their everyday stories, new initiatives, learnt lessons and projects to inspire and support leaders wanting to change the culture of large and complex organisations.

Key Themes Explored in 2018:

  • Improve Business Profits and Performance with End-to-End Technology Transformations
  • Increase Engagement and Minimise Resistance by Embedding Practices, Mindsets and Behaviours Across All Levels that Support Your Strategic Vision
  • Enhance Competitive Advantage by Cultivating The Appropriate Leadership Change Management Style To Improve Company Culture and Performance Come along and be inspired by case studies that have and are overcoming the economic pressures of change.

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